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Emballage pour garde-meubles

Packaging for furniture storage

All packaging for a furniture repository will be done by our teams who will use the following equipment:

  • Bullcraft, for any furniture packaging after any disassembly if necessary.
  • Bullpack, for any packaging of trinkets, crockery or paintings.
  • Paper, for any packaging of trinkets and dishes.
  • Bookcases, for all packaging of books and small items.
  • Standard cartons, for all packaging of linen, crockery, trinkets, linens, paintings and various objects.
  • Barrels, for all packaging of glasses, cups and small objects.
  • Wardrobe, for all clothes packaging on hangers.
  • Chalkboards, for any packaging of paintings, packaged beforehand in bullpack.
  • Cardboard shades, for all packing lampshades and chandeliers, pre-packaged in bullpack or paper.
  • Cardboard alveolus, for any packaging of paintings or very fragile furniture.
  • Case, for any very fragile material, mirrors, paintings or furniture "on request".

Any furniture repository will be used for a deposit in the furniture repository, for a move in a room for possible work in the apartment or for expedition.

In the case of custody deposit or shipping, any object will be list and labeled, in order to create a packing list.

Do not hesitate to contact us at: 00 377 93 50 72 76 and



Removal tips

  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It’s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
Packing and labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
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